What materials can Custom FS print on?

Custom FS print on a wide rage of substrates – including vinyl, satin, knitted polyester (trilobal), light weight polyester (100 denier), heavy duty woven polyester, indoor display polyesters (shinny & mat), synthetic waterproof paper as well as plush pile carpet and many more.

We are continually researching new printing substrates and technologies. This means that Custom FS is continually a market leader in the supply of branding solutions.

What are the lead times for flags, banners & other branding solutions?

Depending on the product and the quantity you require, lead times will vary. Small quantities of pull-up banners, outdoor banners and other digitally printed vinyl products will normally have a lead time of 1 week from art approval. For any type of fabric printing lead times are 2 to 3 weeks from art approval due to the 4 part process that fabric requires- print, heat cure, washing & sewing.

Can Custom FS create my art design?

If you don’t have any art work we can create it for you. Custom FS offers a very competitive graphic design service.

How long will my flags last if exposed to the weather?

Flags made from a polyester fabric are perishable items and will deteriorate over time. A flags life spanned will ultimately depend on weather conditions at the particular location and the materials that we use to produce the flags. On average your flags should last between 6 – 24 months depending upon prevailing conditions.
By taking a few simple steps you can extend the lifespan on your flags. We advise clients to take their flags in from exposed positions when a storm is approaching or if it is an extremely wet and windy day.

Can my flag have the same image on both sides?

Flags in general are printed single side with a bleed through reverse print on the back. We can have the design reading correctly for you on both sides of the flag. To do this we print two separate flags and sew them back to back with a block-out fabric sewn in between.

Can I wash my flags?

Flags can be washed on gentle cold wash with a small amount of washing powder. You need to avoid washing with any products that contain bleach.