Fabric Printing

Our ability to screen and digitally print onto a range of fabric separates Custom FS from other signage suppliers.

The two indoor fabrics we most commonly print on are 130GMS shinny polyester and 160GMS mat display material. We recommend the mat display in situations when material will be displayed under lights due to reflection.

Through our extensive experience in this field we have created a range of ‘out of the ordinary’ branding products that portrays class, style and esteem for your brand.

Fabric banners

Custom made to any size these banners are finished to the client’s specific requirements – sewn edges, eyelets and pockets are popular choices. Aluminium rods are also available for hanging drop banners.


Table Covers

No matter the size of your table, we can custom make covers to match your specific requirements.

Common sizes are:

150 x 300cm
200 x 300cm



Fabric display walls

For a professional display setting, a popular choice for clients is to print stretch fabric with Velcro hook sewn into the material to apply directly to a trade wall.

Another option is to apply the stretch fabric to a free standing display structure that folds away in a compact case that is easy to manoeuvre for transportation.

These options are popular due to their lightweight, durability that can be installed and pulled down at trade shows.


Lectern and music stand banners

Dress the stage to create a professional look at a conference, dinner or fundraiser.

Lectern banners are designed to attach to the top of the speaking lectern and hang down the front of the lectern.

This style of banner is finished with sewn edges, weighted pocket across the top and often a matching fringe across the bottom point.


Table runners

Any shape, size and design can be created to suit your needs. Table runners are an innovative way to reinforce your company’s brand at a corporate dinner or for point of sale marketing.


Customised fabric products

Custom FS is renowned for designing fabric products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Often product and marketing managers have great ideas that are ‘outside the square’ but are unsure if their marketing ideas can be realised. Custom FS will work with you to turn your creative ideas into innovative brand solutions. We are willing to push the envelope and trial anything. If you don’t ask you will never know!